Frequently Asked Questions and some Fun Facts:

When to visit a dentist? Dr. Pooja Jalan

When to visit a dentist?

Visit your nearest dentist immediately, if you have following:

Gum swelling or redness

Sensitive Teeth

Loosening of Teeth

Jaw pain

Bleeding Gums

Broken or chipped tooth

Bad Breath

How do teeth become sensitive ?

Tooth Sensitivity

Gums shrinks and there is a loss of the protective outer layer of the tooth that leaves the dentine exposed.

Hot and Cold sensations pass through the open dentine channels.....

Tooth Sensitivity by dentist near by

Reaching the nerves of the tooth causing discomfort and sensitivity.

How many teeth do we have?

How many teeth we have? Dr. Pooja Jalan

Children between the ages of 5 and 6 generally have 20 teeth.

How many teeth we have? By Dentist in indirapuram

Whereas adults have 32 permanent teeth (including wisdom teeth).

How many teeth cats and dogs have? Dr. Pooja Jalan

You will be amazed to know cats have 30 teeth and dogs have 42 teeth !!

How much saliva do we produce?

As you already know we produce a lot of saliva, which is actually good, as saliva is our body's way to rinse our teeth  from harmful sugars and bacteria.

How much Saliva do we produce? Dr. Pooja Jalan

On average we produce approximately 1 to 2 liters of saliva a day, which will be approximately 25000 liters in a lifetime.

Saliva to fill swiming pool

This amount of saliva is enough to fill up 2 swimming pools!!

What you should do when you have Dental Anxiety?

Having Dental Anxiety, beat it before it beat you by following tips:

1. Always practice good oral hygiene as a preventative measure.

2. Do not wait until you are in severe pain, visit your dentist or oral surgeon as soon as you feel any dental problem.

3. Consult your dentist before any treatment.

4. Openly discuss your anxiety with you doctor.

5. Do not over analyze or over react.

6. Consider general anesthesia in case required.

Dental Anxiety Tips by one of the best dentist in indirapuram Dr. Pooja Jalan

What are wisdom teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the third and the final set of molar to come in.

We have 2 wisdom teeth in the upper arch and 2 wisdom teeth in the lower arch

They usually erupt between the ages of 17 and 25.

Wisdom Teeth X-Ray