What is Smile makeover ? When should we go for Smile Makeover ? Smile with a new confidence, show th

Hanging out with friends and feeling uncomfortable in front of camera and pulling your lips shut for closed mouth ?

Even if you are having good dental hygiene and structurally sound teeth but you could be dissatisfied with certain elements of your smiles. Believe us it happens and it’s not your fault.

Discoloration, misshapen teeth, and minor orthodontic issues could affect your appearance and self-confidence. Most of us are self-conscious about the appearance of our teeth and gums and we often find ourselves hesitant to smile in public, keeping our mouths closed in photos and even covering our mouths when we laugh.

Luckily modern dentistry offers a potentially ideal solution for such cases in the form of smile makeover treatment.

Commonly many different options may be possible but it is important your general oral health is evaluated, and is of a good standard before you choose smile makeover option.

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We have done such incredible work over the years and are always observed patients excited to see the end results and smile transformation.

We would like to present one case here, where we did such work and got wonderful results:

Smile Makeover Case Study 1 before treatment

To get the idea how you can transform your smile from our help and get your confidence back please observe this picture of patient’s teeth taken before the treatment:

Smile Makeover Case Study 1 after treatment

Now see the picture taken after we did a smile makeover and observe the difference :

It is obvious that it's not perfect but it did made a difference.

The key to a successful, long lasting smile makeover is careful planning of what results are expected.

We, at Oral & Dental Care Centre, do our best to achieve this and give you results that will make you happy, as we always say:

"A better life starts with a beautiful smile and your smile is our passion....."

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