What are dental bridges ? What are benefits of dental bridges ?

Dental bridges are very common, affordable and low risk treatment for patients with missing teeth. They acts like real world bridges and bridges the gap created by one or more missing teeth of patients.

Bridges are made up of one or more artificial teeth, also known as pontics, which are supported or held in place by two dental crowns.

Benefits of Dental bridges:

  • Bridges, if we compare with partial dentures, do not require time to time removal for cleaning which means they are fixed prosthetic restorations.

  • Bridges prevents the remaining teeth from shifting which could have created issues in your bite in absence of bridge

  • As dental bridges are small and light weight patients get used to them in very short time.

  • Chewing experience is much better then dentures in case of bridges.

We have done such incredible work over the years and are always observed patients excited to see the end results and smile transformation.

We would like to present one case here, where we did such work and got wonderful results:

Below are the preoperative pictures of case of an 18 years old boy who was having single missing front tooth:

Pre Operative images

As you can see in above pictures that patient is having irregular shape of teeth and also there is no proper space for missing tooth.

So in order to overcome this we had to make proper spacing by cutting the teeth for putting the bridge on it as done below:

As you can see in above image that an additional tooth was also included in bridge to create a better smile.

Below is the post operative picture of patient after fixing the bridge:

Patient was very happy to see the results, given a positive feedback.

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